Huge savings for users and business owners. Collectable advertising. Hassle free implementation.

Use ShareclePay to eliminate high cost of credit card processing. Use Super Kiosk app to eliminate lines and reduce man-power. Give back to create loyal customers or friends.

Sharecle Pay
Super Kiosk App
Collectable Ad distibutions
90% advertising cost goes directly to your targetted users.
5Gb FREE Cloud drive space

Big savings and 100% effective advertising.

Sharecle offers tools to increase revenue and 100% effective advertising through gift giving.


A search engine that adds gift to relevant search. Giving more results to top ranking.


Collect gift credits while driving or walking.

Eliminate email spamming or robo-callls

Add gifts to your marketing messages.

Sharecle drive

Backup your data in the cloud.

Super Kiosk

Skip the line. Order anywhere in-store.

Super Kiosk S

For businesses. Sharecle smart kiosks takes the order and payment for you so could concentrat on food preparation and customer service. Increase revenue by eliminating lines and man-power.

Fully Support

Services template bug issues raised by buyers quickly and we continue to develop templates to be more feature and better than ever.

And More ++

WOW! That is all the features Sharecle and many more you do not know . so if you want to know more let's go to try SHARECLE ...